Classified Ads

Classified Ads


-          Search Tool

o   We want you to be able to find all your equestrian needs easily on the Huufe marketplace

o   In the right- hand corner of the app marketplace is the search tool that allows you to refine your search

o   From here you can refine your search by advert type and/or category and/or action type and/or location and/or price

o   Clicking the blue button ‘Apply Filter’ will produce all the adverts that apply to your filter settings

-          Creating an Advert

o   From the Marketplace home page, you’ll find a + symbol located in the right-hand corner of the screen next to the search tool.

o   Tapping on this will take you through to the Create Ad page.

o   Start by selecting Classified Advert Type from the drop-down menu.

o   Below this you can then select a Category for the item/ product and then a further Sub-category you want to advertise.

o   After selecting whether the item/product is for sale or wanted fill out the remaining information required to create an advert.

o   At the bottom of the page is the camera symbol. Here you can upload or take as many photos as you want to accompany the advert.

o   Once you’re happy with your advert tap on the blue Create Ad button at the bottom of your screen to start advertising your item/ product on Huufe.

-          Creating a Horse Advert

o   Start by creating an advert as you would with any other classified advert.

o   When in the Create Ad page and Select Horse in Classified Advert Type, the Category & whether it’s For Sale/ Loan/ Wanted

o   Proceed with contact information & pricing.

o   If you’ve created a profile for the Horse you’re selling on Huufe already, select it from the drop-down menu under the title Horse Profile. This will automatically fill out the information about the horse.

o   Fill in the remaining information and add photos

o   Once you’re happy with your advert tap on the blue Create Ad button at the bottom of your screen to start advertising your horse on Huufe.

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