All Groups 

·         Along the bottom of the app home screen is a grey tools bar. Towards the right-hand side is the groups tab with a symbol of three people.

·         Clicking on this button will take you through to the Groups page.

·         The first page presented to you is a grid list of all the groups available to you on the Huufe App. To search for a certain group, there is a magnify-glass symbol below the All Groups tab. Clicking this will allow you to type in the name of the group you’re searching for.

·         Once you’ve enter the name of the group tap the search button on your keyboard. If you want to close the search bar simply tap the X at the end of the search bar box. Or if you want to clear what you’ve search for tap the blue box above the search bar entitled Clear Filters.

·         The grid list of all groups will have blue button at the bottom of each of their boxes. These will display three options

§  +Join

§  Joined

§  +Request to Join

To join an open group simply tap on the blue +join button. This will can the button to Joined and change the color to white. To join a closed group tap +Request to Join, this will then have to be approved by the manager of the page before you’re allowed access to the group.

                My Groups

·         Along the top of the groups page are three tabs entitled

§  All Groups

§  My Groups

§  Invites

Tapping between these will navigate you between group pages, the center tab is My Groups. On this page you’ll be able to see all the groups you’re a member of and the groups you manage.


·         The last tab of in the right-hand corner is Invites.

·         When you get an invite to a group you’ll be notified of the invite

·         In the Invites page you’ll find pending invites from groups. To accept simply click on the Join button or decline if you don’t want to join!

Leave or Report a Group

·         If you want to leave or report a group, simply enter the group page. In the right-hand corner of the cover photo you’ll find three dots. Clicking on this will open a message with two options

§  Leave Group

§  Report Group

Simply tap on whatever function you want to complete.


                Create a Group

·         Across the blue bar at the very top of the Groups page in the right-hand corner, above invites, you’ll find a + symbol. Tapping this will start the process of creating your own group.

·         Once the + symbol is press you’ll be taken to the Create Group page. In this page you’ll be asked to fill in details about the group.

·         There will be two camera symbols on a grey background for the cover photo and the profile picture. Clicking on the camera symbols will allow you to upload pictures from your phone.

·         Underneath this there is where you’ll be asked to give the group a name and the location of the group if you wish to include this.

·         You’ll also have the option from a drop-down menu, as to whether you want to make the group open or closed

§  Open – Allows anyone to join the group and lets anyone see all the activity within the group

§  Closed – Only with approval from the groups manager will users be allowed to join the group & none of the activity within the group will be seen unless the user is a member of the group

·         Once you’ve created your group you’ll be able to find it easily in the tab My Groups

·         You can invite members to your group by clicking through to your group page, clicking on the three dots in the right-hand corner of the cover photo. This will give you three options the last being Invite Members. You can then search for the members you wish to invite to the group.

·         From the three dots in the right-hand corner of the cover photo you can also Edit Group, changing the cover or profile photo or changing it to an open or closed group. It’ll also give the option to delete the group.

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