Have other people had success with Protechmasta?

Have other people had success with Protechmasta?

Yes, we have received a lot of great reviews on Protechmasta products, please visit this page to read more.
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    • What is the Protechmasta range?

      Far Infrared Technology - A naturalistic ceramic infused lining that emits a safe form of Far Infrared radiation, also known as Biogenetic Radiation, to the body, this is then reflected back from the body creating a natural black body effect. Far ...
    • Will Protechmasta overheat my horse?

      The Protechmasta rug unlike a thermal rug or everyday horse rug, is impregnated with a Bio-ceramic material. This Bio-ceramic material is a combination of varied ceramics and mineral oxides which are bound together and heated to 3000 degrees. Once ...
    • Are the Protechmasta products machine washable?

      Yes, Protechmasta products are machine washable. We recommend washing at 30 degrees on a gentle cycle and in a Masta Rug wash bag. Close all fastenings before washing. Please line dry naturally, do not tumble dry or iron.
    • Will the Protechmasta fly veil help with headshaking?

      We have had many reviews from our customers who have said the Protechmasta poll pad and fly veil products have helped with head shaking. You can read reviews here.
    • Do I need to introduce Protechmasta products slowly?

      We recommend that the Protechmasta products are introduced gradually to allow the body to adjust. For the first week use only for a maximum of four hours at a time, then introducing it for longer periods after a couple of weeks. For maximum results ...