Horse Profiles

Horse Profiles

Horses Profile

-          Horses

o   From your news feed you’ll be able to access your Horses profile pages by tapping on the More button in the right-hand corner of your tool bar across the bottom of your screen.

o   This will present you a list of features on the app, the second one being Horses. Tapping this will take you through to a list of horses you may have created on Huufe and selecting one of these will open their profile page.

-          Creating a Horse Profile

o   If you haven’t yet created a horse profile or want to add another horse, tap on the + symbol in the top right-hand corner of the Horses page.

o   This will open a page in which you input all the information required for your horse.

o   At the top is your horse’s profile picture, tap on this to upload a photo from your phone of your horse.

o   Below this is all the information you can fill in about your horse – Name, height, weight, colour etc.

o   The last 3 options are Riders, Services & Administrators. In these options you can add other Huufe users as Riders or Administrators, so they gain access to your horse’s profile. Also add in equine Services and their contact details.

o   Once all this is filled in simply tap on the SAVE button in the top right-hand corner of the page to create your new horse profile.

-          Editing/ Deleting Horse Profiles

o   To edit and make changes to your horse’s profile click on the EDIT button in the top right-hand corner of your horse’s profile page.

o   This will allow you to make changes to their information, profile picture, add Riders/Services/Administrators.

o   You can also delete any of the Riders/Services/Administrators you may have added by simply clicking on them & scroll to the bottom of the page. Here will be the Delete button, removing them from your horse’s page.

o   If you want to delete a horse’s profile page scroll to the bottom of the Edit Horse page. The last option is Delete Horse, note, once you’ve done this it can’t be undone.

o   To save any changes you may have made to your horse’s profile page tap on the SAVE button in the top right-hand corner of the page.

-          Horse Profile Page

o   Much like on user profile page a Horse profile page includes a cover photo, a profile picture, name & it’s number of followers.

o   All the horse’s activities you’ve recorded/created are listed here as well

o   The page also includes Horse Identity – allowing you to see all the information about the horse. Photos – letting you save photos of the horse to its own page.

o    Also includes the Management tab for storing all your equine services and horse’s diary.

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    • I have changed my horse, can I change the horse on my current Vet Fee insurance?

      Yes, please contact our friendly customer service team on 01274 711011, who will be able to add your new horse to your policy, issuing new documents for a small admin fee of £10.