Horse Profiles

Horse Profiles

Horses Profile

-          Horses

o   From your news feed you’ll be able to access your Horses profile pages by tapping on the More button in the right-hand corner of your tool bar across the bottom of your screen.

o   This will present you a list of features on the app, the second one being Horses. Tapping this will take you through to a list of horses you may have created on Huufe and selecting one of these will open their profile page.

-          Creating a Horse Profile

o   If you haven’t yet created a horse profile or want to add another horse, tap on the + symbol in the top right-hand corner of the Horses page.

o   This will open a page in which you input all the information required for your horse.

o   At the top is your horse’s profile picture, tap on this to upload a photo from your phone of your horse.

o   Below this is all the information you can fill in about your horse – Name, height, weight, colour etc.

o   The last 3 options are Riders, Services & Administrators. In these options you can add other Huufe users as Riders or Administrators, so they gain access to your horse’s profile. Also add in equine Services and their contact details.

o   Once all this is filled in simply tap on the SAVE button in the top right-hand corner of the page to create your new horse profile.

-          Editing/ Deleting Horse Profiles

o   To edit and make changes to your horse’s profile click on the EDIT button in the top right-hand corner of your horse’s profile page.

o   This will allow you to make changes to their information, profile picture, add Riders/Services/Administrators.

o   You can also delete any of the Riders/Services/Administrators you may have added by simply clicking on them & scroll to the bottom of the page. Here will be the Delete button, removing them from your horse’s page.

o   If you want to delete a horse’s profile page scroll to the bottom of the Edit Horse page. The last option is Delete Horse, note, once you’ve done this it can’t be undone.

o   To save any changes you may have made to your horse’s profile page tap on the SAVE button in the top right-hand corner of the page.

-          Horse Profile Page

o   Much like on user profile page a Horse profile page includes a cover photo, a profile picture, name & it’s number of followers.

o   All the horse’s activities you’ve recorded/created are listed here as well

o   The page also includes Horse Identity – allowing you to see all the information about the horse. Photos – letting you save photos of the horse to its own page.

o    Also includes the Management tab for storing all your equine services and horse’s diary.

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