Recording A Ride

Recording A Ride

Starting A Ride- App only

  • Centre button in the tool menu at the bottom of the app is the Start Ride button- this will take you to a Map Screen with a blue dot showing your current location. If you’re unable to see your current location, you may need to adjust the setting on your phone to allow the app to find your current location. Or there is a is a button in the right-hand corner of a blue dot surround by a target – clicking this will make the app take you to your current location on the map.
  • To start tracking a ride simply tap on the blue start button at the bottom of the page.
  • You’ll then be asked to select from a list of your horses, the horse you’re going to ride or manually enter a horse name. Note that a manually entered horse name does not have a Huufe Profile to attribute the activity to.
  • You’ll then be returned to the map and the app has begun tracking your ride. On this page you’ll be able to see the time and distance of your ride.
  • Three buttons below this
    • The map symbol (Left button) allows you to make the box with time and distance appear or disappear.
    • The camera symbol (Right button), tapping on this will open your camera and allow you to take a photo whilst out and about
    • End ride button (Center button) this will pause your ride – the blue END RIDE button will move to the right after pressing it and pressing this again will complete and finish the ride. The center button will change to a white resume button, allowing you to carry on with your current ride.

Save Ride

·         Once you’ve finished your ride you’ll be taken to the Save Ride page. Here you’ll be able to see where you’ve been, time taken & distance. Below this information you’ll have options to give more information about your ride. 

·         You can manually enter the following information:

§  Name of the ride

§  Drop down option to change the Activity Type – Hacking, Cross country, Schooling, Show Jumping etc.

§  Description of the ride

All these are optional for you to fill out or not.

·         Under the Description text is a white box and a camera symbol – tapping on this allows you to upload other photos and videos you may wish to include.

·         At the bottom of the page are two final options. You can choose to share your activity on Facebook by simply sliding the grey button to the right, this should turn blue. Or not by sliding it left and the button should be grey. There is also the option to make the activity private. Again, sliding the button right and turning blue will make the activity private, sliding it left and turning grey will make the activity public.

·         Once you’ve finished filling out all the information you want there will be a large blue button at the bottom of your phone screen entitled SAVE RIDE. Tap on this to save your latest activity and share with whoever you choose.

Discarding a ride

·         On the Save Ride page in the top right-hand corner is the DISCARD button

·         If you’re not happy with your ride or for whatever reason tap on this button and you’ll be asked if you are sure you want to discard this activity. If not press cancel. If you do want to delete it press discard activity within the message and the activity will be removed for good.

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