User Profiles

User Profiles

User Profile

-          Profile Page

o   To get to your profile page from your newsfeed use the tool bar across the bottom of your screen. The last tab located in the right-hand corner is the ‘More’ tab. Clicking on this will present you with a list of features on the app, the top option being your profile. This should be accompanied by your profile photo if you have one.

o   Clicking through to your profile will present you with your name, profile photo and cover photo at the top of your screen.

-          Editing your Profile Page

o   If you want to make changes to your profile page, click on the EDIT button in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

o   From here you can change your profile picture, cover photo, name, location & gender.

o   To change or add your profile picture or/and cover photo tap on the camera symbol where your profile picture or cover photo should be. Then you can upload any image from your phone. After you’ve selected your photo you’ll then need to crop it to the size required for the profile picture and cover photo.

o   Below is where you can make changes to your first & last name and add/change your location. The last option is a drop-down box in which you can change your gender preference.

o   To save your changes simply tap on the SAVE button in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

-          Finding Friends

o   To find friends on Huufe click through to the More page, located in the bottom right hand corner of the tool bar.

o   Under your profile tab you’ll find the Find Friends tab.

o   This will take you through to the Find Friends homepage. Start searching by clicking on the magnify symbol in the top right-hand corner of the search page.

o   Alternatively there is also a link from your profile page that’ll take you through to the Find Friends page.

-          Follow & Following

o   Below your name on your profile page will be 2 numbers. The first being the number of followers, the second being number of users you’re following.

o   Clicking on either of these will show a list of either followers or those you’re following.

o   Across the top of your Followers list are two tabs entitled Riders & Horses. These will show both the people you follow and the horses you’re currently following.

o   A box next to their name will appear informing you as to whether you’re Following them or if not, it’ll indicate this with the button stating Follow. Simply click on this to start following the user.

-          Profile Features

o   Across the middle of your profile page is a white box listing a number of features – Activities, Horses, Groups, Qualifications & Interests

o   The activities tab will show you all the activities you’ve carried out on Huufe, rides, manual activities, photos & videos.

o   The horses tab will take you through a list of all the horses you currently have on Huufe.

o   The groups tab will take you through to a list of all the groups you’re a part of.

o   Qualification tab takes you through to a list of all the qualification you have. You can add to this list at any time by tapping on the + symbol in the top right-hand corner and filling in the required details.

o   The last tab takes you to a list of the equine disciplines or activities you may be interested in. Again, you can add to thing at any time by tapping the + symbol in the top right-hand corner and filling out the required information.

o   Along the bottom of your screen are all the photos & videos you have shared on Huufe. To view them simply scroll along.

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